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Glazing Damage Assessment Inspection

Our glazing damage assessment protocol has been approved and included in State and Federal Trial as well as being a successful tool to document damage to glazed systems in hundreds of residential, commercial and industrial claims. TSSA Storm Safe Inc. can perform detailed inspection and testing protocols ranging from a complex multi-point preliminary visual damage assessment to a complete battery of invasive glazing damage evaluations including lab tests if needed. Furthermore, if requested by our client; our testing protocol and findings can be performed under the direction of and in conjunction with an independent Licensed Professional Engineer or used in conjunction with a pre-existing team of experts. The Independent Professional Engineer will perform their own sample survey, analyze the data collected and affix their seal to their own findings to produce an opinion of causation. 

After TSSA completes the physical site inspection, our findings are analyzed and your damage assessment report is then professionally compiled. When completed, our TSSA Storm Safe Inc. Structural Glazing Assessment becomes an iron clad tool for any Law Firm, Public Adjusting Firm, Independent Adjuster, Appraiser, Private Homeowner, Community Association, Condominium Association, Property Management Company or Home Owners Association to have for the purposes of documenting damage to your building after a natural disaster occurs.