Our Team

Ivan Browner - President


Ivan Browner (President) - has been instrumental in the creation, growth and evolution of TSSA Storm Safe Inc.  Mr. Browner’s vision was to create a repeatable inspection model based on both academic knowledge and real world experience for the purpose of investigating glazing system damage and envelope of protection failure.  This inspection model would become a powerful tool to document system damages, stress and failure in both commercial structures and residential dwellings in an active HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone.) 

Drawing from experience that ranges from product specification, specimen knowledge, system sales, system installation, structural testing, and glazed system damage assessment; Mr. Browner brings to the team an extensive and ongoing technical, academic, and hands on knowledge base from all facets of the Glazing Industry. 

Mr. Browner spends a great deal of time as an advocate for the glazing industry, performing lectures and hosting educational seminars. Mr. Browner has been called upon to create and perform educational seminars for focus groups, insurance specialists, attorneys, engineers, building inspectors, and building managers all over the United States. 

Mr. Browner has been called upon in his capacity to act as an expert witness in the resolution of many glazed systems damage disputes. In his capacity as an advocate for the glazing industry, Mr. Browner has used his knowledge and experience to properly explain the nature of how glazed system damage occurs and presents itself as structures glazed envelope interacts with excessive force. 


Steven Browner

Steven Browner– Vice President TSSA Storm Safe, Inc. Steven comes to TSSA Storm Safe with a business career spanning a 20 year background in sales, marketing, and Management.

Mr. Browner’s professional experience as a Principal of Total Structural and Security Associates, (a glazing sales and marketing organization) included acquiring, importing and exporting Storm Rated Windows and glazing materials. The focus of these projects were directed at providing increased security and safety to some of the most Hurricane prone geographical locations including South Florida, The Gulf States, Texas, the Caribbean, and the West Indian Islands. While at Total Structural and Security Associates, Steven’s responsibilities included consulting for developers, government officials, as well as serving the interests of glazing manufacturers. He had the chance to assess the needs and requirements of the private and public sectors storm preparation needs, then fit the appropriate materials to remedy any potential loss of life and property issues. 

As Vice President of TSSA Storm Safe, Inc. Mr. Browner utilizes his business and marketing background along with the knowledge of glazing components to serve the need of the First Party Claims community. 

As a Florida resident since well before Hurricane Andrew, Steven has an up close and personal view of the devastating effects a prolonged wind storm event can cause. The ability to help families and communities who have been affected by these destructive events is a primary focus of TSSA Storm Safe’s mission statement and a directive that Steven and his team take very seriously.